Monday 14 May 2012

Saturday 12th May - Pensthorpe Nature Reserve

Pensthorpe was at its best on Saturday when 14 of us arrived with our cameras.  After weeks of ‘nice weather for ducks’ we found many birds, including ducks, enjoying sunshine and blue skies.  Pensthorpe offers a good range of locations for photography.  We got up close to bearded reedlings (AKA bearded tit), ruff, avocets, turtle doves and more in the Wader Aviary where the birds (and photographers!) appreciated the authentic surroundings.  A quick visit to the Mill Pond and Ibis Aviary then it was coffee time!  
We headed to the hides at the Wader Scrape hoping for a photo of the kingfishers nesting there.  Some of us got the briefest glimpse of the trademark blue and orange flash - anyone quick enough to get a photo?  The recent weather meant that the Club’s trip to Foxley Wood to photograph bluebells didn’t happen but we finally got a chance to see bluebells in Pensthorpe’s Alder Carr Woodland.  A bit damp for those low level shots but it was a good advert for the benefits of vari-angle LCD screens!  
Enough writing, I’ll let the pictures tell the story.  

Goldeneye at Pensthorpe (M Ball)

Pensthorpe 123 (K Mountford) 

Pensthorpe Postures (A Caws)

Mandarin Duck at Pensthorpe (D Graham)

Black-winged Stilt at Pensthorpe (T Thurston)

Scarlet Ibis at Pensthorpe (D Graham)

Turtle Dove at Pensthorpe (G Lingwood)

Turtle Dove at Pensthorpe (R Scrivener)

Pensthorpe 9 (K Mountford)

Black Necked Swans & Cygnets, Pensthorpe (T Thurston)

Ruff at Pensthorpe (G Lingwood)

Nesting Avocets at Pensthorpe (F Grimsdell)

Watch the Birdie (R Scrivener)

Bluebells and Hazels at Pensthorpe (A Caws)

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