Saturday 18 February 2012

Club Event - 17th February - Fakenham Races

Lucky 13 of us turned up for what turned out to be an excellent day at the races.  The weather was much kinder than forecast with no rain and even a little sunshine.  Some of us arrived early and discovered that there were greyhounds and lurchers running before the horses. Great fun, but very tricky to capture as they shot past at an amazing rate of knots!  We saw a mixture of hurdle and steeplechase races and were able to position ourselves right up next to the rails - the noise of the hooves thundering past was quite exhilarating.  Hopefully everyone had an enjoyable day and I believe some even came away in profit!  I wonder if number 5 has crossed the finishing line yet!
Di Jackson
Events Secretary



  1. David Ryland, Chairman.February 19, 2012

    Great stuff there. Robin looks like a trainer!!
    WEX must be doing a roaring trade, I see some long lenses appearing....
    Perhaps we can do it again then I can come too!

    David R

  2. Roy ScrivenerFebruary 21, 2012

    I wondered what that last photo was about - so who bet on the donkey then?
    Wish I'd been able to go - sounds like you had a great time

  3. We had a great time, I guess number 5 is not my lucky number.
    My daughter suggested perhaps I should study form on the race card next time!